The business concept came about through a love of the mannequin form. After all, as a creator, presented with a blank canvas of elegant lines, shapely forms and outrageous exaggeration of physique what’s not to love? 


My background was rooted in using textiles and so it was a revelation to discover the freedom these wonderful surfaces offered me to combine a love of fabric, texture and colour with the opportunity to create useful (and quirky) furniture and accessories with big personalities and a lot of attitude.


These pieces are made with intention; each is a unique creation – a tactile work of art, hand finished from my fabulous collection of vintage fabrics or that fabric I couldn’t walk away from. The wood and/or metal I use is shaped and polished to complement the individual piece and unless otherwise stated, I make the lampshades used in my lighting range.


My Jubbli and Mache range of cushions came about when experimenting to find the most comfy way to snuggle up into the corner of a sofa and after a lot of pushing and squashing a pillow into position, it seemed a pyramid shape would fit the bill.


I am experimenting with ideas all the time often with an upcycled twist. Follow me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook to keep up with the journey.