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Unique Tables
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Want to be part of the creativity? Let’s create beautifully unique pieces together! I love to make specially commissioned items, including repurposing treasured fabrics and textiles, or revamping an item of furniture into a one-of-a-kind Dolly Fixture.

Items like tables and lamps will need a hard, flat surface to stay safely upright. As well as metal tops and bases, I also provide a wide selection of hard wood surfaces: oak, cherry, tulip, walnut and sapele.

Looking for something a little different? I can also source glass, mirrors and even vintage silver trays for the perfect piece. We can decide the best surface to match your desired design, so let’s get creative together!


If you already have your eye on one of my ready-made pieces but want to change the surface material, including the thickness, please get in touch!


Commissions are taken with a 50% deposit of the agreed price.

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