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Maches and Jubblies

Just to introduce my new cushion range, my own unique design...

Pyramid shaped, they fill the nooks and crannies of a sofa or chair, much more so than a typically shaped cushion.

The Mache is a collage of fabric, purposely top-stitched for a striking finish; any fabric can be used and top-stitched to a chosen colour scheme. Denim is particularly popular at the moment but a selection of fabrics i.e. silk, tweed, velvet and linen do work well together and if you want to throw in a certain fabric, as a theme, all the better! The Mache usually has contrast piping on two seams and a zip on one of the seams. You will notice that my preference is for the deliberate frayed look at the fabric edges and freestyle top stitching but this can be made more refined if preferred.

The Jubbli cushion is made of one fabric with an overlap panel and can be constructed with or without buttons. This too has a contrast piping on two seams but no zip due to the overlap

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