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Eastbourne Christmas Market 2018

Just thought I would post a few photos of Eastbourne Christmas Market and take the opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas, I hope you're all ready!

The weather was so kind on the three days we chose to attend the market, the sun shone and the shoppers were out! An extra bonus was having my eldest daughter there to keep me company and do the coffee and croissant runs as she had a couple of unexpected days off college.

It's always hard to decide what to take to an event when you have limited space, so we took a bit of everything. Showstopping full mannequin lamps, grass effect occasional table, hologram leg planter and torso lamp, examples of personalised cushions and of course The Jubbli and Mache cushions. It was all there and people loved it!

Now to get my last bit of shopping done and relax!

Have a good one folkes!

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