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Goretti, Helene, Nalser and Angie are some of our bespoke shades. Plinths can be burnished steel or sustainable hardwood. 


Ralph, Frank, and Susie Sue. Various male or female stances are available. Clad in fabric, leather or hydrographically dipped, these hips can be sandwiched with sustainable hardwood, steel or perspex.


Cocker and Kelle, male and female, 7ft 7in hologram beauties. Available for hire to add the extra sparkle to your event.


Re-purposed denim makes in all shapes, sizes and species.


Quinny, Gwiggy and the Leather Posse. Our cocktail tables can be created top and toe with sustainable hardwood, burnished steel or perspex.


Anna, Dolly and Nic. Different stances available in both male and female on sustainable hardwood or a steel base. 


Britney, Sylvia and Ferne. These lovely busts can be clad in fabric, leather and hydrographically dipped. Finished with bespoke shades and with a sustainable hardwood, steel or perspex base.


The Jubbli, pyramid cushions and the Mache Cushion consisting of a whole array of fabrics.

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